Monday, January 3, 2011

The Value Of Hope

From Warren Bennis:
"If you ask subordinates what they want in a leader, they usually list three things: 
    • direction or vision
    • trustworthiness
    • optimism 
Like effective parents, lovers, teachers, and therapists, good leaders make people hopeful."

From Gallup Management Journal:

  • Hope may sound like an airy concept, but it is critical to effective management -- it helps employees remain positive and productive in the face of adversity. After analyzing a range of question items addressing workers' feelings of hope in their workplaces, Gallup researchers identified three items that explained most of the variance in the other items tested. They comprise the Hope Index used in Gallup's employee engagement approach: 
  • I know I will be an important part of this organization in the future. 
  • At work, I set clear, meaningful goals and accomplish them. 
  • I can figure out a way to solve almost any problem at my workplace.
Overall, 15% of employees strongly agreed with all three items -- suggesting only a small minority were completely free of doubts about their current and future contributions to their organizations.  
However, that figure was almost double (29%) among employees who were emotionally engaged in their workplaces. 
Results for individual question items indicate that engagement levels are most strongly related to the item that directly addresses employees' sense of security in their organizations: "I know I will be an important part of this organization in the future."

While thinking of ways to create our domestic service success, what have we done to provide our staff hope?

What are we doing to provide a sense of security -- which then creates emotional engagement
-- which then creates hope
-- which then creates respect for our leadership?