Friday, December 10, 2010

Pay It Forward

Today, an associate working in a remote location on this chilly morning was dreaming about a hot cup of coffee.  So, I sneaked out and surprised her with one.  I explained to her that I didn't want the favor to ever be returned, yet there was going to be a price:  I wanted her to pay it forward.

The idea has been around for quite a while:  You fulfill some sort of need, but the act is not an investment in yourself; it's in investment in your world.  The person does not "pay you back," yet they pay it "forward," doing something for someone else.  However you define "it" (the act) or "world" is up to you. 

"Paying forward" your colleagues.
Your world may be your family, your workplace, your friends, or even the world community itself.  Since you've invested in something larger than yourself, this does two wonderful things:
1) Your world will benefit in some way and, even better...
2) You're now freed from the tedium and anxiety of waiting around for someone to bring something back, because the payment due is now about improving your world - and you realize that things will get better for it.... and then ultimately for you, too.

What are some examples of how paying-it-forward could create some amazing success in the world of domestic estate staff?

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