Friday, April 8, 2011

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership is a unique, “leader as servant” approach, recognizing and caring for workers as whole persons with higher-level needs, in addition to supporting the group mission. This holistic, inclusive practice stands in contrast to the exclusive, leader-first practices where managers use coercion to attain simple compliance.

Servant Leadership was developed by Robert Greenleaf with his essay, The Servant as Leader, among his other publications. Other writers, such as Larry Spears, James Autry, Kent Keith, and others have since interpreted Greenleaf’s original writings.  Servant Leadership continues to grow, across all industries.

A significant and challenging undertaking, Servant Leadership requires the ability to create an environment where members commit to their colleagues and also uphold their own responsibilities—because they want to. The results are equally significant, producing an amazing service delivery and a workforce loyalty from having community, instead of a loyalty borne out of fear for losing their jobs.

Servant Leadership is open to everyone and all titles. As many of us know, real influence on many estates is held by housekeepers who’ve mastered the art of building cooperation with those around them.

Effective leadership is not necessarily produced by those with a manager title... although, with the right approach, it can be.

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