Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The 7% Solution

Just about everyone has heard the statistics: only 7% of meaning transmitted between people is extracted from their words. The remaining 93% is analyzed from tone and body language. Words, at best, then, are simply there to carry the other two along. Sort of like a bun. Not much substance, but you eat it anyway so the rest of the burger gets to where it needs to go.
Stevens and Kenton managed Darlington Hall
successfully without text messaging.  But, how?

With e-mail having become standard operating procedure in family offices, how can we truly communicate accurately enough to 1) understand the underlying clues at play and accomplish all that needs to be done for our employers, and 2) maintain the positive relationships among us needed for teamwork and community? Can we afford risking project and interpersonal meltdowns by relying upon a medium which is so prone to disaster?

Are we communicating (and thus succeeding) better on our estates over the past decade or so, or are we simply tapping away more and more at our keypads?  We're more efficient, yet are we more effective?

Perhaps effective communication is being able to take only 7% of the message and still succeeding by finding and providing what is needed.  Could that be the best recipe for interpersonal communication success?  BNET video, hosted by Edward Muzio, CEO and President of Group Harmonics, is here.