Friday, November 22, 2013

It's So Hard to Find Good Help?

From the Society for Human Resource Management....

When North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System in New York City experienced a shortage of surgical technicians, HR professionals developed an innovative solution: "There weren't enough techs" in the marketplace, "so we started our own surgical-tech training program." Thus began the Center for Learning and Innovation...

North Shore's leaders did what many others have done—they created a corporate university to meet the organization's strategic learning and development needs.

It is becoming more important for organizations to train and develop the employees they need, rather than find them in the marketplace.

Training - a good start, yet only the beginning.
Domestic candidates with inadequate skills ~ yet holding high potential ~ can put you in the same position as the hospital above. The solution may be to take control of the situation and create great employees... in-house. Although training is only a part of any successful performance management strategy, empowering yourself to create the domestic staff of your dreams will provide you with several benefits:
  • You - not their former employers or training programs - are now in control of the standards and values important to your own home. This means you no longer have to rely on guestimating an arbitrary number of years experience with applicants. Instead, you get to create expectations for high performance, in-house, paving the way for the actual day-to-day results that are important to you. 
  • Your own, economical resources are often available and easy to find.  For instance, for over seven years, this housekeeping resource has remained the gold standard ~ and contains virtually all technical information your housekeeper would need to succeed. If new knowledge has been determined as the answer for improved service, you'll want to have a complete and credible resource which you can review and reference yourself ~ and is sensibly priced.
  • Training is often the answer ~ yet performance management always is.  Training, alone, is sometimes prescribed as the miracle cure for bad service. While providing an opportunity to acquire technical knowledge, training, however, cannot correct the behavioral or HR management issues which commonly occur in workplace settings ~ only good management processes can. Training programs, if not accurately linked to the underlying causes of poor performance, will provide a false sense of hope to employers that issues have been adequately addressed, wasting more time and money ~ while service continues to fail. Having your own in-house evaluation, however, allows you to determine, first-hand with long-term onsite observation, if training is actually the appropriate intervention. Conducting an honest performance analysis is not a mysterious process and user-friendly resources are available to estate managers (or estate owners), saving considerable time, expense, and broken wheels along the road to better service.
How could your household benefit from taking control of your own learning and creating the staff you need?  

And ~ how could your own local domestic training and performance management influence the building of a positive and lifelong learning culture within your staff?