Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Servant

Even after becoming President of the United States, George Washington still signed his letters, Your most obedient and humble servant.

And, although we may never really know for sure... his perspective didn't seem to hold him back, or damage his career. Going out on a limb, we even propose that referral agents still returned his calls.

Yet, today we've somehow become terribly uncomfortable with the words obedient and servant. We've replaced them over the past few years, by adopting some elaborate new job titles and rather silly career language.

Life as an obedient servant. Humility 
worked for Washington... could it 
work for your staff, as well?
Washington knew that presenting himself as a servant - openly, and without shame - subjugating his needs to those around him through both word and deed - would be the path to earning true, authentic respect from his environment. And, from all indications, it looks like he did pretty well for himself.

Could Washington's strategy for success - adopting a humble servant presentation - also work with your staff, their job titles, and the creation of a truly authentic service environment on your estate?