Friday, June 7, 2013

CAUTION: Save These Directions

Learning curved hammer ahead!
Not all tools and equipment come with instructions. 

With some, like hammers, for instance, the manufacturers just seem to think that people will be able to figure them out all by themselves. And mostly, they are right.

Many tools available to help domestic managers deal with evolving household needs are, similarly, the type of tools which don't always arrive on the gate with a step-by-step guide, disclaimer, or other such caution. Mostly, the domestic manager figures out, over time, which tools work and which don't, depending upon the circumstance of what needs to be built.

Of course, some will read ahead, learning from others who've come before them and may have found some directions, perhaps within their own not-so-unique team leadership challenges. These domestic managers then have a responsibility to thoughtfully analyze and choose whether or not to engage any resource, including those tools with a reputation for being used simply too much of the time.

Although the best workplaces will provide their managers with a fully stocked toolbox to help them create the needed change (or soar to a new level of productivity), if you do find yourself on occasion with only a hammer, there's still some positive ways to put this controversial tool to good use.

If I could articulate this idea any better myself I certainly would, but I'll let this great article in Forbes do all the hammering for me instead.

So, then... now that you've read the article... what tools are in your box, to ensure your domestic team operation is delivering the service which the Principals expect?