Friday, August 9, 2013

Blogs In The Stream

"Always drink upstream from the herd."  - Will Rogers

Go upstream, young man.
Writing a blog carries with it a certain amount of trepidation. Given the history of the waters, the concerns are justified. 

For employers, who fear scandal on that largest of scale, blogs have been there, done that. For workers, who fear investing time into new ideas, only to be capsized mid-stream with another infomercial, ditto. And surviving the whitewater of credibility is certainly not helped from the ease by which all blogs are produced; to paraphrase an expression much less polite than Will Rogers would ever utter - blogs are like opinions and everybody has one.

The Urban Dictionary, an edgy resource that's not without some real-world credibility, paints an even less elegant picture of the space we navigate: "Imagine a million lunatics wandering the streets mumbling to themselves. Write it all down and put it on the web. Congratulations, you've just created the blogosphere."  


Up until we extended a welcoming handshake to our gentle readership three years ago, many blogs had pulled together what seemed to reveal, curiously, all that which a non-disclosure agreement seeks to control, namely, the private affairs of private estates. Naturally, some were quick to send all blogs (and blog authors) down the river, as they viewed "an Internet presence" in conflict with the discreet footprint so valued in domestic staff. 

Yet, could it be a mistake to throw the entire herd out with the stream water? Could honor, as well as dishonor, be found on the Internet? Could domestic staff - and their agents, too - be inspired to stay upstream in cleaner waters and throw overboard any desire for gossip about those who employ them?  We think yes, to all.

The Domestic Staff Citizen aims to nourish the same desire that exists for all citizens in all communities: inspiration, not titillation. Additionally, our proprietary no-pudge recipe for success has survived well against the rapids, for those workers needing a safe place to dip into the domestic industry tide pool and discover resources free on the web - or even borrowed at their public library. There's no free lunch in life, yet the menu can always be affordable and lifelong learning in the domestic industry can still be a state of mind, rather than just a state of commerce.

And so then, with great appreciation for joining us as we explore, we do heartily welcome you... and your valued blog readership...  We'll see you upstream!

Welcome, blogosphere citizen, welcome!