Sunday, September 22, 2013

I'll Have The Fish Special

Smelly, repetitive tasks, while standing on your feet all day. Housekeeping? No, it's fish mongering!  

Enter port side, Pike Place World Famous Fish Market, who decided (note my use of the word decided was not lightly chosen!) to do something about the quandary of how to set their workers up for success, instead of just setting them up for more dreariness of repetitive duties which don't always garner much glamour or appreciation in the world... and decided to enable their team of workers to be so enjoyable to be around, their organizational team culture so effective it's had books and countless articles written about, and their operation so profitable they've become a model for any business or team who wants to return to shareholders the opportunity of what they can do best, every day.

So, as you read the next four lines, pay close attention to how you're feeling:
  • Choose your attitude...
  • Play...
  • Make their day...
  • Be present...
Now, think about the top four service tools enabled on your domestic staff team. How do they compare? Which place sets their staff up for team success, in addition to the customer's [read: estate owner's] service expectations being not simply met ~ yet consistently exceeded?

There's nothing fishy about Pike's
bold formula for teamwork success.
As you click on these links and learn about Pike Place, you'll notice they didn't succeed by ignoring or trying to make the unpleasant tasks or responsibilities just somehow go away, or set up a covert CYA system to avert blame for things gone wrong, nor did they grow a culture of being "rewarded" (see also: Daniel Pink explains why bribing your staff isn't working) by management for being subjected to difficult tasks ~ or difficult organizations ~ as many well-meaning Household Managers try to do without much success for all concerned. The workers at Pike's Place have, instead, found a way to get the job done by facing their challenging jobs head on, choosing an attitude, every day, which makes themselves their biggest champions... pride in a job well done

How about that? Pride in one's work. It might just be fishy enough to succeed!

What could your domestic estate team and family office learn from these fish mongers?