Monday, July 15, 2013

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

The notion of using an online robotic service to bring us closer to a live human experience, strikes us at The Domestic Staff Citizen as both the irony of the century ~ and the best idea in nearly as many years

With the approaching close of 2013 seeing more and more disconnect with real humans in our lives and being taken over by voice menu options, the mere notion of speaking, at any point during our day, with a live person is quickly becoming a pleasantly fragrant, yet rather distant memory.  Until now....

Will Robinson understood the
value of human-friendly robots,
even decades before Verizon
could put him on hold.

Get Human dot com has automated, as it were, the ability to cut through the endless clutter of online blockage to get to where you want to go: a real, live, speaking, human being.  Enter virtually (no pun intended) any company's name into this free service and it does the rest, quickly offering directions for which number to call and what to do immediately thereafter ("keep pressing 4", etc), an insider's guide of sorts for bypassing all that frustrates us and putting us in touch with something we could really touch - a human being. Beyond all that, Get Human realizes that being human in 2013 is so multi-tasked and frazzelled that we may not even have time to spend the few seconds it takes to connect live at this particular moment - and offers the amazing 1-button connect option of having the company in your sights call you back, at your convenience.

And so what, you ask, does this great new humanizing non-human service have to do with domestic staff citizens? Why, everything... we propose! 

Getting human is what domestic service is all about and why our employers have, ultimately, hired us. Agreed, they could spend their entire lives booking hotel stays online, ordering and paying for room service from their iPhones, and checking out only to be checked back into a private limo ride to the private runway and texting the pilot as they lift off to the next resort, downloading their itenary and scrolling down to adjust the automated temperature settings of their next destination, while uploading updates on facebook and twitter... and all without any real human contact...yet, somewhere along the line, your employer decided, consciously or otherwise, that a real, living, breathing, feeling, and responding human being in their midst was the best thing about having it all... because... there's some things that money can buy, and for the rest....

... there's domestic staff humans.