Monday, December 23, 2013

The Welcome of Home

I don't want to live on in the hearts of my countrymen; I want to live on in my apartment.  - Woody Allen

Few notions of the human experience are simultaneously as vast yet as intimate, as shared yet as coveted, and as romanticized yet as practical, as that of home... in addition to it being a place we're all employed, thus deserving our respectful, albeit brief, coverage at The Citizen. Doubly so, being the holidays, with most of us on duty and thinking about what home means to us ~ as we help to make others' homes be what it means to them.

Woody knew the welcome of home.
I confess to never having understood Woody Allen's quote before I moved to New York City, where the buzz of my eight million new neighbors created a premium for privacy ~ and the square footage to enjoy it. Three years into this great adventure has given me a new take on what home means to me, and how welcoming living on in my apartment can really be. With nothing short of intimacy, a love endures for each square foot of my midtown studio, allowing the requisite solace and sanctuary at the end of the day. Yet my experience is not so unique; in whatever space one finds themselves enjoying the same, it could be for the love of their own home, as well.

And as well with our unique careers, the unique appeal becomes the intimacy we're entrusted during each minute of our working days, staying conscious of the solemn responsibility and how the seemingly small things can become largely important, all from the context of a welcoming home. 

Because in a home, we're not just folding a sweater; we're folding a cherished fabric made of love... a gift from a child, or maybe a weekend excursion for two; the sacred essence now held within.
And in a home, we're not just serving a wine; we're
Oh, Auntie Em, there's no place like home.
helping to create the magic of loved family and friends brought into the most private of spaces, where the most private of old memories will be shared ~ and the most valuable of new ones created.  

And, in a home, the privilege of working will never be lost upon us ~ as long as we remain keen on the very notion of what home is, both that of our own and of that we've the honor to serve.

And, so then, with that said, The Domestic Staff Citizen sincerely wishes each and every one of you the most joyful of holidays for both you and yours, and ~ where ever you find yourself during this holiday season ~ a welcome home.