Monday, July 28, 2014

Team Performance -- Explosion!

Push limits, records, expectations, doubts, fears, the envelope, yourself. 
- N.O. Explode

For those who lift weights, today was a very special day in New York City, as shelves on
supplement stores were finally replenished, after weeks of short supply of the original
Beyond teamwork....
formula and heightened anticipation of the new to come, of BSN's grand new formulation of N.O. - Explode, a pre-workout supplement and proprietary blend of three different creatines, beta alanine, and over a dozen other ingredients - most of which are unimportant to detail for the purposes of this posting - yet what is important remains the reputation that this amazing supplement company had built for itself, yet didn't stop there. Having already produced the #1 selling pre-workout supplement in the world, their leadership team then made the decision to push forward with an even greater formula for success... both for themselves and their customers.

As I approached today what had been empty shelf space - and had been kept so,
...why stop at being the best?
seemingly, almost as a memorial and out of respect to this popular product - I spotted the familiar bright red jar and label having just arrived, yet this time with a tag tied aroundit's collar and inscribed with the above, inspirational quest. And, at that very instant, I realized this product and the passion behind it goes far beyond the complex chemistry 
which shapes enzymes and electrolytes inside bodies during workouts, and gives, in addition, that very recognition to its users that someone has their backs, has their best interests at heart, and has as its very base core value the never ending quest for redefining excellence - and the improvement needed to take it there. And, like weightlifting requires the will just as much as the muscle, so does our service require the inspiration of team passion, just as much as the talent among the very team members, themselves.

No one needs to even visit a gym to see the connection and power of passionate
There's a bit of nitric oxide... in all of us!
thinking for that of making any products or services better. So, simply put, is your estate staff team delivering the very best performance in the world for your very own principals? And, if yes, are you truly satisfied with simply maintaining that stationary plateau? 

Or, will you take BSN's example - and the N.O. Explode challenge - and keep striving to keep getting better at providing even greater levels of service, to push limits, records, expectations, doubts, fears, the envelope, and.... yourself?