Sunday, September 14, 2014

Gone But Not Forgotten

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.  - Napoleon Hill

John & Jim in Central Park 
I can't honestly say that I felt the Kubler-Ross model of five stages of grief, but it did feel pretty darn sad, anyway, as I made the difficult decision this weekend to remove the NYC Domestic Staff Physical Fitness Meetup from life support.

What better memorial than to post its Home Page right here on The Citizen, where it can live on - in spirit, anyway. And carry with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.


September 12, 2014

Dear Domestic Staff Fitness Buffs,

Sadly, it is time to say goodbye, and the group will close on September 13th. Perhaps it was an idea before it's time, or perhaps the idea can be expressed in a more engaging manner elsewhere.
Staying fit is a wonderful part of life and, in my opinion, a better indicator of a domestic candidate's "energy" than their age. It's part of a larger philosophy that people should be chosen for jobs not simply because of their race, their gender, or their age, yet for their actual, demonstratable skills and abilities to perform.
Thank you to everyone who supported the group, or at least the idea.
In health and in career, I wish everyone the very best!



We're employed as domestic household staff members or those with a professional connection to the industry... who would like the healthy support, activities, and encouragement needed to get and stay physically fit!
Getting fit is not expensive. Spa-like gyms are certainly nice, but they won't get you into shape by themselves. Sweating during a free cardio workout in Central Park, however, most definitely will! Most of our workout activities are free - or almost free....  to maximize everyones' ability to participate, no matter what your income level.  
We're inclusive.  Fitness is good for everyone. At our meetups, you're a valuable and respected professional, whatever your job title! Whether you're a Housekeeper, Chef, Personal Caregiver, Pet Walker, Facilities Manager, Household or Estate Manager, Nanny, Manny, Driver, Maid, Personal Assistant, Majordomo, or even the Grand Poobah Family Office Chief of Staff... this group says Welcome... and now give us twenty push ups! 
All fitness levels are welcomed. Including completely out of shape and total beginners! We're not here to judge you, but instead to support you in building your healthy lifestyle and reputation for actual, demonstratable performance. This is no quick & easy weekend seminar.... getting fit takes time and patience...  and we have plenty of both. You'll find here lots of friendly, positive support.
No time to exercise? Oh, not so! We make it totally convenient for you, with lots of different options:
• Gym workout! Our gym workout setting is Planet Fitness (super low cost.. $10/month!) -- the newest, cleanest, most amazing gym in New York City... where you can indulge your body in stretching, cardio, or weightlifting, depending on your own individual interests and goals! And for those interested, we'll often go out for a healthy, fun brunch or dinner afterwards, at one of the fantastic midtown west eateries. Yum! 
Do you already belong to another gym... or simply don't want to join one? No problem!... that's why we offer lots of other options below for you to choose....
• Central Park! While the weather is nice, we take advantage of some awesome and  free cardio activities in Central Park. Thursdays at 6:30PM is Central Park Circuit on the East Meadow, just off 5th Avenue at 97th. We might also check out a run or hike along one of the many great trails, or even the occasional guided tour (those conducted by the Central Park Conservancy volunteers and either free or very reasonably priced!)... for those times when we just want to get out and have some fresh air and a great walk.
• Swimming!  Several great pools throughout NYC are on our fitness radar screen.... stay tuned!

• Hula Dancing! Don't be shy, these totally FREE and amazing evening exercise classesheld by Shape Up NYC  of the NYC Parks & Recreation Department, and open to everyone -- you do not need to be a member of a rec center in order to attend the Shape Up NYC classes. And besides, didn't you always want to be a hula dancer? Well, now's your chance!
• Healthy eating! This is probably the most fun part of getting fit. Lot's of green eateries throughout this great city for us to choose, which are both fun and affordable. Network with your domestic colleagues during our Friday Nite Fuel meetup and have a healthy chili, soup, low-carb plate or wrap, to jump-start the weekend. Oh, yeah... more yum!

• YOUR suggestions! That's right... it's your meetup! You just might have a great idea for a heathy activity around town that you personally enjoy... so, yea! let's do it!  Join up and contact the organizer, and let's get the ball rollin'.
You are ALWAYS WELCOMED to bring along a friend or significant other to the meetups with you... just indicate on the RSVP that you're bringing along a guest!  Please RSVP for any event by 10PM of the day before, thanks! 
Yours in service and in fitness,