Friday, January 2, 2015

Star This

A unique service experience awaits you in New York City. The private jet that will take you there is made from a plate of meatloaf.

The Meatloaf Kitchen on the Lower East Side is good service stripped down to its purest form.

For the service provider, it's an opportunity to graciously escort someone to their table and then serve them a meal, someone who you know cannot do the same  -  or really do anything for you at all  -  in return.

For the service recipient, an opportunity to be served by someone and at the same time realize that person is there because they want to be  -  not because they have to be   -  and they had the option to sleep in that morning, yet they chose to wake up and serve you, instead.

If you can assign a number of stars to this level of service, please let me know.

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