Monday, August 29, 2016

The Estate of Not Yet

The TEDtalks that I like best deal with creation, in some 
shape or form. It doesn't really matter what is being created, it could be an invention, a relationship, or a concept for moving ahead - in whatever way ahead best means to you. Creation, IMHO, is that secret sauce ingredient when going from good to great, or maybe even going from something to just about anything else. The ability to improve - not only ourselves, but the service to others around us - begins with the belief that it really can happen and that challenging obstacles on the job are not setting us up for failure - yet quite the reverse - they're actually setting us up for great success. Only after that belief is conceptualized, held onto tightly, and then shared with others around us who can then do the same and get just as excited as we are - can the process begin. And it can begin! It just takes that first baby step of believing it can happen.

You can then imagine my reverence when I stumbled upon and fell into the TEDtalk I'm talking about today, which is titled The Power of Believing You Can Improve, yet which I like to refer to as The Estate of Not Yet. Could how educators treat young students to succeed in the future, and not simply in the now, be applied to how we train and shape expectations of adult workers - and more specifically - adult domestic workers? I say yes, because it's happened in my own career when being given problems and challenges which at first glance seemed impossible to solve, yet which, with the right mindset, turned out to be invaluable opportunities for growth. And I can't imagine anyone better suited to have delivered this amazing message other than Stanford's Professor of Psychology Carol Dweck.

I'd love for you to watch and savor this talk as much as I do, and to think about how creation can continue - or even perhaps to have a fresh beginning - on your estate.

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