Monday, November 23, 2015

The Five Questions

Be prepared to hear answers that you may not like.   - Daniel Threlfall

Most numbered lists just bank on
the power of association.
Oh, no, not another list.... 

That was exactly my thought when I saw the title of the new posting on TeamGantt's blog: Five Questions To Ask Your Team Members Every Month

Lists are just too way overdone; just too easy to write; always being too long, or too short, or almost never make much of any sense and I think that's exactly on purpose, and they always almost never teach us much of anything new except how to rearrange a jumble of answers to a question we didn't ask anyone in the first place, yet we just like the list or the number associated with it... and that often seeming to be quite good enough!

But not this time and you'll soon discover why. I confess I gave this one list a second glance, if and only because it came through the blog of perhaps the best, most efficient online Gantt chart service which project management has ever known, and anything that comes from those minds deserves another look, at least as far as I'm concerned.

I wish I'd thought to compile this list of five questions, but since I didn't, the best I can do is to promote it here and let you know this is indeed the five best questions you can ask your domestic staff team members. My only improvement, if I were to humbly suggest, is to not stop at just once per month -- these five are just so brilliant when compiled collectively and in this order, I'd recommend once per week can only be better. 

Even if you don't hear the answers you like. And maybe, especially if you don't.

The more I introduce, the less time you'll have to read the real deal, so I'll just stop blabbing on now and hope you click here -- but only if you really want to know the five best questions you can possibly ask your domestic team members, and only if you want to build possibly the best domestic staff in the world.

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