Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Apologize Already

Absolute ZERO truth to the rumors that John Kerry apologized to Iran over sailors. Nothing to apologize for. - State Department John Kirby tweet

There's a curious phenomenon with apologies. Some people withhold them, thinking they've just retained the power in a relationship. Then there's other people who offer them, knowing that doing so actually creates power, the kind that cannot be challenged later in the process. And who knows, they may have also been wrong, or at least contributed to the problem, although they can't see it at the time.

Ten U.S. Marines drifting into waters a bit too close to Iran yesterday, picked up, examined, and then let go. Both sides puffing out their chests, both sides showing the world just how "tough" - and just how stupid - grown-ups can be.

This is how wars begin; this is how jobs are lost; this is how marriages dissolve. People think that by holding on to some childhood version of "power" by being "right," they have then "won" their little sandbox fight.  

The world is too small for our leaders to be 2-year olds, and it's too small for anyone working or living in proximity to any other human being, as well.  

Next time your words or deeds drift into territory on your estate that maybe you could have been just a little more careful with - even if it was an accident - and you have the opportunity to do it...  apologize. 

And 100% I guarantee you, you'll feel the real power.

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