Saturday, December 1, 2018

Couple Wanted?

This can be for an individual or a live-in couple with the man as the houseman/butler and the woman as a secondary housekeeper.  - Recent online job board posting

When I began working in domestic service 28 years ago, I wouldn't have given the above job posting a second thought, nor would have most anyone. Even for those who were part of a same-sex couple, keeping quiet about their relationship was the normal thing to do, in just about whatever career one could have found themselves working.

Fast forward to 2017, and this advertisement suddenly seems so antiquated, so out of touch with reality.

Twelve years ago, when I attended an English Butler school, three of my twelve classmates were females and the notion of female Butlers was becoming much more accepted. And now, I think, very few people would give the idea a second thought. 

Myself having worked for four years as a Housekeeper - and doing so very successfully with all of my original male parts - I know firsthand there is no task in domestic service which can only be performed by a male or by a female. There's men out there who can make a floor sparkle, and I've seen quite a few women tackling such manly chores as changing light bulbs and sweeping out a garage. 

Couples? I'm sure that same-sex domestic couples exist; so why aren't they being acknowledged as legitimate potential candidates? Why do we still see advertisements in domestic online job boards like the above, couple jobs that require both male and female - and furthermore, each gender being taken into consideration with who performs which set of tasks?

Why couldn't the woman be the Butler, and the man be the Housekeeper? And why couldn't two females or two males successfully comprise this team? Are legitimate couples only comprised of "one man and one woman," as the now outdated state laws once commanded our society to obey?

What has been your experiences with job performance divided among the genders - and with your own abilities? Are they still limited to male or female roles from decades ago? 

If you're a man, can/will you wash and fold a towel? And if you're a woman, can/will you carry a tray?

What say you, about this?

As always, The Citizen welcomes your comments!

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