Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Right Navy, Wrong Ship

It may take a couple of years, but I can barely wait until the latest hyper-marketing linguistics of launch and roll out make their way into the diction graveyard alongside such awful classics as you go girl and don't worry be happy.

Such is the case which reminded me by seeing the latest beta-version (sounds very exciting, but all that really means is someone's still working on a product that people will actually pay money for instead of just reading  about it on HRM websites) cloud application for helping your staff to understand what it is they are doing good, bad, or indifferent.

Welcome to the concept of real Human Resource Management that is now so old, few currently employed persons in any industry, including domestic, remember or even recognize it: that of managers actually sitting down with their staff and having honest exchanges about their agreed-upon performance. But with this updated "smart home" version of human contact, of course, they'll be a slightly less than human phone app coming soon - along with another HRIS system downloaded into the family office desktop costing thousands of dollars - all trying desperately to replace what little management talent today is expected from those with the increasingly meaningless title of Manager stuffed behind that of Household or Estate.

It's another case of right navy, wrong ship. The basic idea of constant feedback with employees is all right, of course, yet booking cyberspace as the meeting room is all wrong:

"We plan to fully launch and make our application available to all organizations.... yearly performance reviews are not enough anymore. People learn through regular application as well as receiving frequent and specific feedback – to adjust and thereby improve upon it. This is true for kids while growing up, professional athletes in sports as well as employees within organizations. Quercus enables that continuous feedback exchange to dramatically accelerate the feedback cycle and the associated development of employees."


I may suggest that to "dramatically accelerate the feedback cycle," the Estate Manager should, instead of searching for the next beta gadget, search for the courage to step up to the plate and accept responsibility of holding their household staff accountable on a continuous, daily basis - and recognizing that dutynot simply more shopping with their employer's money - as being what a manager should be doing every day to earn their place. No launch. No roll out. No beta. No sales pitch to attend. No check to write. Just plain, old-fashioned, time proven and real face-to-face people management, while sitting right there with their staff, one on one, at the kitchen table.

Not all is lost, however, as these new automated cloud versions of simulated human contact may cause us to think about what could be, if we actually bought into the homely yet stable and proven concept itself, instead of going for the more sexy, pay-to-play rockety launch. 

And in that realization, there will always be the opportunity to climb aboard the right ship: real Human Resource Management.

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