Friday, August 25, 2017

Why Bribing Your Domestic Staff With More Money Isn't Working

Those if-then rewards - don't work. - Daniel Pink

Daniel Pink's popular TEDtalk video has been proudly featured on our Some Interesting Links sidebar for several years, yet I've been thinking a lot about domestic staff compensation lately and what impact it has - and doesn't - on the performance received from domestic staff. And when something's on my mind this much, it usually gets its own posting.

I believe that because of the often quick-thinking problem solving skills required from domestic staff in their high-demand and unique work environments of private estates, their efforts credibly fall under the category that Pink speaks of. A domestic worker's days are not simply a performance of trained technical skills, and because real creative problem solving skills are needed on a continuous basis in order to anticipate and provide great service experiences - therein lies the problem of the employers tossing more money at domestic staff and then crossing their fingers that service will somehow magically improve during the efforts... efforts for which the creative problem-solving right side area of people's brains do not respond to with extrinsic rewards.

Citizen readership already knows that when Gallup reported the results of its infamous 25 years study of what the highest performing workers, across all industries, wanted - the 12 most important factors in a workplace were not connected in any way, shape, or form, to their financial compensation.  

So, then, why do estate owners and their managers often think that throwing more money at their staff - whether in the form of bigger wages, bigger bonuses, or more exotic perks - is the answer to obtaining higher staff performance? 

Because writing checks is easy. 

Yet it doesn't work. And while it's certainly true that workers will always be willing and (usually) grateful for receiving more money - the evidence has proven again and again that getting more money doesn't translate into the better performance that was assumed would occur.

So, if bribing your staff with more money isn't working, what will? 

Watch Daniel Pink here:

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