Friday, September 22, 2017

Our Mission, Vision, and Values Statements

Many long-time good Citizen readers have alerted us they were surprised to find - slightly hidden away in our little sidebars to the right - our Mission, Vision, and Values statements.  This is a tragedy which we intend to correct immediately - and as well to our ability, given the layout limitations of our blog - by posting them below in plain sight.

And so, without further adieu...

MISSION ~ To provide a free community resource which inspires domestic service workers of all titles to become better team citizens and service providers.

VISION ~ A domestic service industry where Human Resource Management and Organizational Development is integral to service team success.

VALUES ~ Lifelong learning & improvement, open communication, and the emerging workplace cultures of health and wellness.


NON-COMMERCIAL: No subscription fees. Compensation is not received for mention of any products or services, nor is advertising accepted from merchants.

THIS IS NOT A GOSSIP BLOG: We have absolutely no interest in trying to titillate our readers with household gossip or "celebrity news."  We believe gossip to be overwhelmingly harmful to our industry's credibility as a profession  -  and we don't think keeping up with who's-schtupping-who to be very interesting in the first place.

An effective way to keep gossip out of your life and your career can be found with this simple solution from Socrates.


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