Thursday, November 2, 2017

The 2017 Domestic Staff Agent Cappuccino Challenge!

There's only a few weeks left to enter!

             There's 52 cappuccinos inside that cup.

The 2017 Domestic Staff Agent 

Cappuccino Challenge!

Fifty two delicious and freshly hand-made cappuccinos will be awarded to one domestic staff agent on December 31, 2017. The winning agent will celebrate every week for an entire year - for demonstrating a new positive, affirming approach to working with their candidates. This contest was wholly inspired by our feedback for the posting: 

Questions and Answers below!

Q:  I thought this publication was non-commercial!  What are you doing here promoting domestic staffing businesses?

A:  Oh, not so fast! What's being promoted here is an improved approach toward domestic staff candidates, by challenging the agents to first learn and then provide specific, helpful information for the best candidates to determine if the job being advertised has what Gallup found to be the 12 elements required for a supportive, quality workplace - and that includes domestic service workplaces.

This publication remains 100% true to its mission as a non-commercial resource for domestic workers who want to explore better service and team management, without being solicited to purchase a product or service. 

Q: Why are you doing this?

A:  I like inspiring positive change and improvement - for anyone. Since 2010, this site has done just that for domestic workers and their estate owners - in a unique, commercial-free and gossip-free format.

Q:  But, I can't believe it... Cappuccinos, every week, for an entire year? Are you kidding me?

This every week - for an entire year.

A:  A good deal of thought went into what an award should actually look like - one that the winner could actually enjoy.

Every week for an entire year - you'll be able to go out and celebrate your award with a freshly made cup of pure heaven.

Now, isn't that a lot more fun than sitting at your desk and staring up at a wooden plaque?

Q:  But - what if I don't like cappuccinos?

A:  OMG. You'll get a wooden plaque!

Q:  There's a lot of domestic staffing agents out there, yet none of them are doing what you've suggested in your Fortune 100 posting.  
Their online job advertisements list a few job duties along with some "must have" requirements, yet never mentioned is if the household is actually a good place to work - based upon what really matters to good candidates.

So... what makes you think that you could change this long-established culture within the domestic staffing industry?

A:  Because I'm not afraid to try. 

Q:  But you're just a domestic worker, not an agent!  Do you even know what you're talking about?

 I owned a licensed domestic employment referral and staff training agency in California for several years. 
Yet a person doesn't need to have experience as an agent in order to know that improvement is a good thing. Change can be for the better... and part of the Cappuccino Challenge is to bring that realization into focus. And to have some cappuccinos. 

Q: But doesn't giving too much information about a household in the job advertisement create confidentiality issues?  I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement - and I don't want to get into trouble!

No. Giving confidential information in the job advertisement would create confidentiality issues. 
But your best candidates actually don't care about your client's name or who the paparazzi has just seen them with. 

Q:  I have a few clients who actually don't have what's important for a good staff work environment and which The Domestic Staff Citizen constantly refers to.  
Should I just make the best out of this situation by highlighting their fame or fortune?

A:  No. You should ask yourself why you're representing someone with a dysfunctional workplace that sets their domestic staff up for failure.  
It's well known that "high profile" or "high net worth" - by themselves - do not indicate a positive-energy, productive, and successful workplace for the long term, and that the "size" of anything is a non-essential consideration when creating a long-term relationship of any type - including employment.

Q:  This sounds like a lot of work.  Who has the time to be asking clients questions about their estate's real-life work environment, writing a job advertisement that attracts the best talent just like Fortune-100 companies do, and then actually talking with candidates about this?

A:  There's certainly easier annual awards to win

Q:  OK, so what's the catch here And just who's going to be paying for all these cappuccinos, hmm?! 

A:  Citizen Editor is paying for all 52 of your delicious, freshly-made cappuccinos out of his own personal funds. There is no catch or trick, nothing to join, no mailing list, and no seminar to attend. He will never know your credit card number and your wallet will remain securely in your pocket both now and forever, just as it has been for the past six years at anytime while reading The Domestic Staff Citizen.

Q:  Will this be an annual award?

A:  Yes - but only until it's no longer needed. Eventually, I believe the current approach toward candidates will change and there will be no need for this award, because advertising the specific, useful information the best candidates are looking for will become quite ordinary. 

At some point, we'll all wonder why an award for this was ever given. 

That will be a great moment.

Q:  Sounds like an interesting approach to recruiting the best, highest performing candidates for our clients' estates.  How do I begin?

1)  Begin by going out this morning for
 a cappuccino - it's always a good way to start any project.

2)  ReadWhat If Households Had To Recruit Like Fortune 100 Companies?

3)  Still here? Good! You're on your way.  I also highly encourage you to read the book: 12: The Elements of Great Managing - or at least study the book summary here. The book is available in most public libraries - you don't even have to purchase it!

These are not new management fads, nor someone's personal opinions. These are the essential workplace elements which have been proven by Gallup, over many, many years and thousands of interviews, to be needed by the best, highest performing workers - applicable to all industries and all workplaces. 

They are also not being noticed or advertised by domestic agencies when recruiting candidates. Yet this can change for the better - and it can benefit everyone: your clients, your candidates, and yourself.

4)'re in the home stretch!  How you now write your online job advertisements will be a very clear and obvious indication of the depth to which you have learned about your clients' household staff work environments - and the ability inside those households for your best, highest performing candidates to succeed.

5)  If you've gotten this far... you can now almost smell those cappuccinos brewing.  So just send a quick note to:, and I can start following your new ads - and cheering you along the way! 

The agent that best exemplifies - and consistently applies - 
this winning recruitment formula will... win!

This could be you - every week for an entire year!

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