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The 2018 Domestic Staff Agent Cappuccino Challenge!

Think about legacy... think about what you'd like to be known for.  - Citizen Editor

$1,500 in cappuccinos 
will be awarded to ONE winning agent!

 on December 31, 2018

365 delicious and freshly hand-made cappuccinos - at a value of over $1,500 -  will be awarded to one domestic staff agent on December 31, 2018.  The winning agent will celebrate their award by having a freshly made cappuccino, every day, for an entire year... for demonstrating a positive, affirming approach to working with their domestic service candidates.  

This event is wholly inspired by our posting:

What If Households Had to Recruit 
Like Fortune-100 Companies?

Questions and Answers are here!

Q:  Hey!  I thought this publication was non-commercial!  What are you doing now promoting domestic employment agencies?

A:  Oh, not so fast!  What's being promoted here is a unique, improved approach toward domestic staff candidates, by challenging the agents to first learn and then provide specific, helpful information for the best candidates to determine if the job being advertised has what Gallup found to be the 12 elements required for a supportive, quality workplace - and yes, that includes domestic service workplaces!

This publication remains 100% true to its mission as a non-commercial resource for domestic workers who want to explore better domestic staff service delivery and team management, without being solicited to purchase a product or service.

Q:  Why are you doing this?

A:  I like inspiring positive change and improvement - for anyone.  Since 2010, this publication has done just that for domestic workers and estate owners - in a unique, commercial-free and gossip-free format.

Q:  But, I can't believe it... free cappuccino, every day, for an entire year?  Are you kidding me?!

A:  A good deal of thought went into what a nice award should actually be  - one that the winner could actually enjoy!  

Every day for an entire year - you'll be able to go out and celebrate with a freshly made cup of pure heaven.  Now, isn't that a lot more fun than sitting at your desk and staring up at a wooden plaque?

Q:  But what if I don't like cappuccinos?

A:  OMG.  You'll get a wooden plaque!

Q:  Domestic job advertisements always seem to list a few job duties along with some "must have" requirements, yet never described is if the household is actually a good place to work.  So, what makes you think that you could change this long-established culture within the domestic employment staffing industry?

A:  Because I'm not afraid to try.

Q:  But you're just a domestic worker, not an agent!  Do you even know what you're talking about?

A:  I owned a licensed domestic employment referral and staff training agency in California for many years.  Yet a person doesn't need to have experience as an agent in order to know that improvement is a good thing.  

Change can be for the better, and part of the Cappuccino Challenge is to bring that realization into focus for domestic employment referral agents.  And to have some cappuccinos.

Q:  But doesn't giving too much information about a household in a job advertisement create confidentiality issues?  I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement with my client - and I don't want to get into trouble!

A:  No.  Giving confidential information in a job advertisement would create confidentiality issues.

But, guess what?  Your best domestic staff candidates are focused only on this: choosing where to invest their valuable time.  They are focused on determining if the household you represent is genuinely professional, well-managed (or well-manageable), and an authentically positive workplace where they can succeed - long-term.

Consequently, your best domestic staff candidates actually don't care about distractions such as
  • your client's name
  • your client's place on the Forbes 400 list
  • your client's Hollywood social ranking
  • gossip or titillating information about your client
Your best candidates care only about this:  the same workplace conditions which all high performers in all workplace industries care about, and which The Domestic Staff Citizen has been promoting for many years.

Q:  I have some clients who actually don't have any of the important factors for a good workplace environment that have been proven to both attract and retain good workers.  Should I just make the best out of this situation by telling my candidates how wealthy or famous they are?  

A:  No. You should honestly ask yourself why you've agreed to represent a household with a dysfunctional workplace that sets their domestic staff up for failure, or worse.  

"Ultra High Net Worth" or "High Profile" - by themselves - do not indicate a positive, well-managed, and successful workplace for the long term, and the old notion about "size matters" is actually a myth  -  as the size of anything is recognized by mature adults to be a non-essential consideration when creating a successful, long-term relationship of any type... including employment.

Q:  This sure sounds like a lot of work!  Who has the time to be asking clients and their current staff members questions about their estate's real-life work environment, writing job advertisements that attract only the best talent just like Fortune-100 companies do, and then actually talking with the candidates about all of this?

A:  Citizen Editor is well aware that domestic employment referral agents are workers holding jobs in our society, and just like the best schoolteachers, the best truck drivers, the best cardiovascular surgeons, the best theater lighting technicians, the best police officers, and the best nannies, they are motivated by a desire to perform to the highest levels possible. That's really all. Even the top salespeople in this world are not motivated by money; they are motivated by having made the sale - and the difference is subtle, yet clear.  Top performers in any career field realize that their high performance efforts are their professional legacy - it's what they are remembered for.

And yes - being excellent at anything is a lot of work.  It's true.  No way around it.

The best domestic agents' attention will be perked up by the daily cappuccino reward... yet never would they be motivated by the windfall of $1,500, itself.  The best domestic agents will be motivated by the opportunity to work harder and evolve further than the others, and to create for themselves a legacy - that of being someone who has pushed themselves to break free of the status quo, someone who's realized that it really is possible to recruit in the same manner as Fortune-100 companies:  that of providing the same information to candidates which all best-workers, in all career fields, expect to have.

As the winner of the 2018 Domestic Staff Agent Cappuccino Challenge, your enduring professional reputation - your legacy - will outlast all 365 of your rewarded cappuccinos.

Think about legacy... think about what you'd like to be known for. 
Much has evolved over the past four decades 
 since Night On Disco Mountain was a top hit - and 
domestic staff recruiting can now evolve, as well.

Think about how you can most assuredly create that lasting legacy for yourself - by being an agent who's evolved to create real success with your best candidates - by recruiting in the same, highly efficient style as Fortune-100 recruiters have learned to do.

Improvement is synonymous with evolution, and this applies to business practises, as well.  

Unlike decades ago, domestic service has now evolved into a real profession, and the best domestic service candidates - those which the better estates are trying to hire - are now expecting to have the same information about work environments which any professional, in any other career field, would also expect.  

Imagine the opportunity!  Beyond even the free, freshly made daily cappuccinos... the opportunity to be the first to approach domestic staff candidates in the same manner as top Fortune-100 companies and their recruiters have found to be effective.

Go for creating a real legacy for yourself.

Q:  We noticed this award is for an "agent," not "agency."  Why isn't this set up to recognize an entire business which may contain multiple agents?

A:  Good question!  We purposefully decided to recognize the agent (not agency) whose approach best exemplifies recruiting domestic staff candidates in the manner of Fortune-100 companies, because we recognize that agents within an agency will often have varying approaches toward their candidates.  The agent's colleague agents - and even the agency's owner - may not have an interest in evolving into the same recruitment methods which the top 100 companies in the country realize is needed to attract their own top talent, yet an individual agent working there may! - and thus we feel should be given the opportunity to evolve, to be recognized for their courage to improve, and to be rewarded.  

If the entire agency were to adopt this approach as well, that's even better - for everyone concerned!  Agents, candidates, and estate owners - they all benefit to an enormous degree when this advanced approach is utilized during a search and placement.  Yet, there will be one agent who will be able to actually demonstrate themselves as being the most talented, and thus should be recognized as the high performer that he/she is.

Q:  But, $1,500!  That sure is a lot of money.  How did that award figure come about?

A:  Citizen Editor simply took the cost of a Starbucks Grande' Cappuccino in midtown Manhattan ($4.63, including tax) and multiplied it by 365:  $1,689.95.   If you work in midtown Manhattan, your award will be that full amount.  If you live in less expensive areas and cities, your award may be a little less, but will always be at least $1,500.  

The final award amount may be somewhere between those two figures, and we'll come up with a place that works well for your daily visits, and an amount that is fair and also retains the spirit of the Cappuccino Challenge.

We'll also mention your success on The Domestic Staff Citizen... not to promote your business, per se, but to congratulate you for having the courage and passion for stepping forth into - and being a real leader for - the future of domestic staff recruiting.

Q:  But what's the catch?  And just who is really paying for all those cappuccinos?

A:  Citizen Editor is paying for all 365 of your delicious, freshly made cappuccinos, out of his own funds.  There is no catch or trick, nothing to join, and no seminar for you to attend.  He will never know your credit card, debit card, or checking account number, and your wallet will remain securely in your pocket both now and forever, just as it has been for the past seven years at anytime while reading The Domestic Staff Citizen.

Q:  How do you know that people will actually buy cappuccinos with their award money, instead of splurging it on something else?

A:  I think any agent who's willing to do the considerable work in order to present authentically great workplaces to their candidates - based upon what Gallup, in their exhaustive research, discovered what a great workplace really is, well, those very special domestic employment agents just strike me as cappuccino drinkers!  So, I'm really not too worried.

Q:  Will this be an annual award?

A:  Yes!  But only until it's no longer needed.  

Eventually, I truly believe the current approach towards domestic staff candidates will change and there will be no need for this award, because advertising the specific, useful information the best candidates are looking for will become quite ordinary.

At some point, I believe, we'll all wonder why an award for this was ever given.  That will a great moment.

Q:  Okay I'm in!  So how do I get started?
  1. Begin by going out this morning for a cappuccino.  It's always a great way to start any project!  
  2. Read the postingWhat If Households Had To Recruit Like Fortune-100 Companies?
  3. Still here?  Good!  You're on your way.  I'd also like for you to read the book: 12: The Elements of Great Managing.  This book is very popular and most likely at your public library - you don't have to spend a penny to enter this contest!  But of course it's at amazon, as well.  These are not new management fads, nor someone's personal opinions.  These are the essential workplace elements which have been proven by Gallup, over many years and interviews, to be needed by the best, highest performing workers - applicable to all industries and all workplaces - including domestic service.  And after you read this book, we're gonna talk about this stuff - a lot!  If you're the agent I'm looking for, I won't even have to suggest it... you'll be so jazzed by these concepts of what the best workers are looking for, I'll probably need to block all your endless text messages coming in at me, just in order for me to get some rest!
  4. OMG... You're in the home stretch!  How you now write your online job advertisements will be a very clear and obvious indication to me of the depth to which you have learned about your clients' household staff work environments - and the ability inside those households for your best, highest performing candidates to succeed.
  5. If you've gotten this far, you can almost smell those cappuccinos brewing.  So just send a quick note to Citizen Editor:, and I can start following your new ads - and cheering you along the way!


$1,500 in cappuccinos 
will be awarded to one agent on December 31, 2018, who best exemplifies and consistently applies this winning approach toward their candidates!

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