Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Enough Already - Let's Eat!

I just don't feel like talking about leadership today.  - Professor, USF

One of my favorite professors at University of San Francisco was a gentleman who was not only the most complete walking encyclopedic reference of leadership and organizational behavior studies knowledge, with a rare and wonderful ability to explain the many theories and constructs to us in a way in which we middle-aged and middle-manager night school students could comprehend and thus find value, yet he also knew when to take a break occasionally and have some plain old fun.  

It only happened a couple of times during the semester, but his timing was always impeccable, and I sensed he could read the crowd and know when it's time to interject a little diversion. This always resulted in some light discussions about what we'd done on the weekend, who we may have just met or broken up with, any new fun places discovered around town to share a meal, and, just exactly what was going on with those 49ers, anyway? - as a nod to those one or two sports fans in the class. To this day, I'm not sure if he really thought we needed a little break and classroom fun, or if he was trying to teach us another lesson about good leadership - that being one of the personal touch, of remembering to be inclusive in the knowledge of what, exactly, you are leading in your teams - real, human beings - with real, comprehensive lives that appreciate the acknowledgement of such from time to time.

In that spirit, The Citizen takes a break from helping your estate to become more efficient through all those dry ideas and processes, and today tackles the even larger task of helping to make your estate workday become more delicious, through this amazing combination of eggs, bacon, pesto, and salt!  

And so then, enough about organizational development for one posting, let's eat!

Dancing close to the edge of our values for promoting only non-commercial resources for our readership, however, we fully disclose here and caution that you are about to click on a commercial site, myfitnesspal,com, who, of course, hopes you eventually will purchase the paid version of their online and down-loadable to your iPhone calorie counter. Yet, fear not, for no credit card nor personal information of yours must ever be provided to them in order to access their delicious recipe videos, and I must say they are the most sumptuously well done recipe videos I've ever seen. As with most things in life delicious, once you begin to watch - you'll hardly be able to stop! 

Lots of other fun - and FREE - things to peruse at your convenience elsewhere on the site, my favorite being the retro-goofy Let's Smash It! video series. Once you see how fun it can be to smash (or as my Professor would always say, "let's deconstruct that thing a bit"...) an entire bulb of garlic - your approach to kitchen fun will never be the same - just bring along the right hammer and the right attitude of working in a little fun time for your hard working domestic staff citizen team members. Other portals will take you into gym talk, weight loss tips, and other healthy this n' that bits n' pieces will make make your trip to this site one to savor, and just also remember, it's FREE - just like the best things in life, including lunch.

Well, the recipes, anyway.

Have fun!

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