Saturday, September 1, 2018

Don't Look At The Dogs - Work The Lock

I recently told a good friend of mine, someone who happens to be just 24 years old, about how pleased I was to actually find on YouTube the most memorial scene from the popular television series, Magnum, p.i., whereupon Thomas Magnum, in the first episode of the first year of the series, is unlocking the Ferrari on the fictional Hawaiian estate known as Robin's Nest. Trying to convey to my friend just how popular this television series had been, after he confessed with no shame whatsoever that he'd never even heard of Magnum, p.i., I felt a bit like how I used to when explaining to some other people in a similar age group - who the Beatles were.  


I'm not sure if the producers of this show ever intended this scene to produce such popularity with its viewers, yet apparently it did, as the scene was referenced, according to Magnum, p.i. series buffs, several times throughout the series run of 1980 - 1988.

It's a fun scene, and it also encapsulated (or purposely had set the tone for, I'm not sure which) the tension throughout the show between Thomas and his presence on the estate (where he had been invited to remain as a permanent guest of the off-site Principal) and the full-time, live-in Majordomo, Mr. Jonathan Quayle Higgins III, CV - along with, of course, Mr. Higgins' two loyal guard Dobermans, Zeus and Apollo.

Don't look at the dogs - work the lock, turned out to be a rather popular bit of armchair philosophy at the time, and one would hear people repeat it in various daily, personal situations of their own lives. It's a good bit of advice, and one which is worthy of our review.

We often think of all the things that could go wrong on the estates and careers we work in, and easily become distracted or even derailed. For instance, there was great trepidation on my part when I decided to put full-time employment on hold while I returned to college mid-career. Lots of things could go wrong (the dogs), such as trouble explaining to a future employer who may not be sympathetic to my idea to slow down and focus on my studies instead; or perhaps, the loss of income would set me back too far to effectively recover. However, staying focused on the activity (working the lock) to meet my objective (get inside positions of more responsibility within my career field) helped me to ward off those anxieties. As time passed, the dogs seemed to get even closer, and the tensions of my project increased, just as they did in the show's scene. Eventually, however, I completed my formal studies and the goal was accomplished, and as a result I gained a position which I would not have, had I given into the approaching, large snarling teeth of all that could have gone wrong.

Thomas Magnum wasn't the first person in the world who reminded himself steadfastly to keep his eye on the ball and push forward. Yet, for myself, anyway, he certainly has been the most memorable.  

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