Saturday, October 13, 2018

The First 99,059 Page Visits

I think blogging, by and large, is basically therapy. And I'm sure, and I know, that there are some terrific bloggers an some legitimate bloggers. But I think, by and large, a huge percentage of people who are blogging are doing it for self therapy.  
- Mike Barnicle.

Every now and then, I'll scroll down and notice how close the page view counter is getting to 100,000. I'm not sure why, because, honestly, I've never been a size matters kind of person.

But today I was just reflecting back on the history of this blog, and instead of giving one of those long, boring self-congratulatory types of reviews that people are given to do, I'll just recall for Citizen readership the very first few incubator days, way back in May 2010, and what I was feeling at the time.

Plainly put, I was applying for jobs at the time, and I wanted domestic placement agents to think about more what I knew than simply the "experience" on my resume. I wanted them to think about what I could actually know to do, both now and in my future - not simply what I had known and had done in my past.

Or, did I simply need a blog for self-therapy?


Whichever the real reason was, the trick became, how to do it?

Perhaps I could engage in self-therapy and present topics to inspire others - all at the same time.

That would be multi-tasking. 

And multi-tasking is what employers are looking for, right?

It all just made sense.


Back in 2010, it was not easy to have a website, it was still one of those things you hired other people to do for you. And it was just too much money, I ultimately decided.  

Then I learnt about Google blogs, which were free. And although I wouldn't have my own domain (that luxury would come much later), I could at least have a link to this thing on the web that I could share with domestic placement agents, so that, along with my dry, boring AF resume (they all are, by nature, despite the bells and whistles that people try to work into them and make them magically stand out among the masses), the agents could actually get inside my head and see that I was passionate about service team management skills - not just service team management "experience," which may mean something good, or maybe not.  

As I knew at the time and still believe, "experience" at something doesn't mean the person was any good at their job, or even liked it at all. And I wanted there to be something that could show that I really liked this stuff.

The original Citizen was going to cap at five postings. That would be all I needed, I thought, to cover all the major topics that were on my mind. But then, as these things go, one path led to another. Now at 200+ postings and 99,059 page views later, I think I've covered just about everything. But I've also had that same thought, just about every year.  


So, then, where to go from here?  

What makes an estate actually run well - and what actually inspires people to be the best version of themselves and work well as part of a service team?

I had some ideas. 

And I think I have even more ideas coming.


But then... so do you also, my dear Citizen readers.

And I look forward to hearing about them all.

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