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Aloha Good Citizens ~

The Domestic Staff Citizen will be going offline at the end of 2018, as I invest my time and energy into other endeavors, mostly offline themselves.  

Alice knew what aloha was all about.

Although I haven't lived in Hawaii since 1997 and I now rarely use the word aloha, I believe this is one of those times when it makes a lot of sense. 

I like aloha. It's a bit nebulous and unknown around the edges ~ which is kinda like life, itself. Aloha means both hello and goodbye, and when goodbye, it has the added effects of maybe not forever, definitely not forgotten, and under any circumstance... it's a departure with good wishes and two scoops of love for everyone around.


One of my favorite postings, The 5-Minus Club, was one of the two reasons I've decided to stop blogging. As I was reading it just recently, it just seemed hypocritical that I'd be admonishing people for shifting relationships from how we built them back in the day, to today's online everything - and yet I was doing the very same thing ~ and also in my underwear, as well!  It's one of my favorite postings, so I've top posted it, along with some other favorites mentioned below.

The second reason is the blog topics themselves had simply become too honest ~ for my own comfort, mostly. Having covered most basic service delivery and service team management topics in earlier postings, all that seemed to be left was tackling all the pink elephants in the room ~ all the phobias and the -isms and the bad behaviors that infect hiring and employment and service teams, creating toxic environments on private estates ~ just as these things do in any other workplace, as well. At the same time, I had read an interesting article, "3 Reasons Not To Start A Blog," by Aaron Renn, posted ironically on his own blog. One reason not to blog, Aaron mentioned, was "if you are telling the truth on your site, you are probably going to end up making some people mad. People who are mad at you aren't likely to hire you."
Everything has a lifespan - including blogs.

Although I'm gainfully employed, I see little value these days in making people mad. Standing up against unfairness and bad human resource management or worker behaviors is indeed a noble effort, yet the positive effects for change generally aren't seen until people want them for themselves, and frankly, I'm a bit tired of playing the role of self-appointed hero. If someone would like my opinion about creating great service teams, I'm still happy to do so, yet from now on it will be in private.

More so, it's a bit silly to rant about these things in cyberspace. The truth of anything, I've discovered at my ripe old age, is often true in concept ~  but not always true at the ground level in 3-D, where peoples' feelings reside. And returning to the more polite, benign service topics of years past simply wasn't interesting to me... one thing I never wanted The Citizen to turn into was just another sleepy blog of muffin recipes and bathroom cleaning tips. 

Well, blueberry muffin recipes... maybe those I'd share. Maybe.


All that said, The Real Bass, also posted below, comes as close as I can get to one, singular article that highlights what I agree to be key ingredients for what the best workers are looking for in a workplace - and thus the people who can create the best and most
successful domestic service teams. The twelve key points came from one of my favorite
Shortly before New Year's Day, we'll administer a
morphine IV drip into all 200+ TDSC articles...
and let nature take its course.
(and first read) management books of all time:  12: The Elements of Great Managing.  What's especially impressive is that it's not simply the opinions of some random author; it was written from data gathered by Gallup, who surveyed thousands of front line managers, over a twenty year period. This is the stuff that really works - for everyone on a team.
If you're a Household or Estate Manager, I suggest you read it as a top priority. And if you're being managed by anyone - which is virtually everyone who has any
kind of job anywhere - I suggest you read it as well, and begin expecting your manager to take note of the tools required for the best workers' success.

A few other articles I've top-posted in the blog just below here, as they're some of my favorites, the ones which most frequently pop into my mind ~

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Instead of sending flowers ~ Citizen Editor invites you to pay your
respects and demonstrate your capacity for service heart HERE.

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A Sense of Belonging


And so now to
each of my beloved readers over the past nine years... I wish for each of you a very happy holidays, I wish for you peace, I wish for you love...  but most of all... 


Jim Grise
New York City

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